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2013: If I can I'll develop this blog , otherwise...

2012: I'm still here. See below.

2011: My 2010 quote below still applies. New entries can be found in comments.

2010: All content here relates to my wish to die, and my struggle to realize that wish. I think of as a massive suicide note-in-progress. I have wanted to die for more than two decades, yet technically speaking, I am still alive. For all I know, I will be around another two decades, or more, although I hope not.

The most organized explanation of who 'I' am can be found in the comments section in my 'psychoanalysis', but all content throughout is part of the story. -Xesce, 28/09/10

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Paris 2

Sydney, NSW
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Casuarina, NSW
Coochiemudlo Island, QLD
Cradle Mountain, TAS 2008

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13/09/08 - E-end?
11/07/08 - Roxy Movie
03/07/08 - Sex Diet



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***My Suicide Holiday***
(a net novel)

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