1. Mardi Gras
2. Possum TV 2012
3. Parade
4. No Fat Chicks
5. Changes
6. Nova Mnemonic

1. No Comment
2. Possum TV 2011
3. Another Birthday
4. Bloody Hell
5. Drunk Tank
6. R U OK?
7. Lost in the Supermarket

1. Possum Clinic
2. Aging Gracefully
3. Possum TV 2010
4. Family Update
5. Stranger


1. Intro
2. Evolutionary Factors
3. Genes
4. Nature vs Nurture
-learning and language acquisition
-sexual molestation
-peer influence
-sibling development
5. Medical Conditions
6. Feminism
-food and body issues
-sexual development
-employment history
7. The Unconscious
-ego, id and superego
-food and sex
-observation-communication delusion
-dream analysis
-death drive
8. Addictions
9. Individuality
10. Aging
11. Suicide


12. Tackling the DSM-IV-TR:
-my diagnosis
-binge eating disorder
-atypical depression
-parent-child relational problem
-posttraumatic stress disorder
-body dysmorphic disorder
-social anxiety
-bulimia nervosa
-alcohol abuse
-nonbizarre delusions
13. Ego-dystonic
-learned helplessness
-borderline personality disorder
-schizoid personality disorder
-dependent personality disorder
-avoidant personality disorder
14. Medications
15. Therapies
-alternative therapies
16. Stigma
17. Search For Meaning
18. In Conclusion


a. chronology
b. holmes and rahe stress scale
c. dsm axis iv
d. global assessment of functioning