le marais, paris

Attic Apartment, Le Marais [Review]

The apartment was a dream come to life. The streets and surrounding areas were appropriately romantic, and seemingly without fast food outlets, superstores and garish advertising.

I arrived late in the afternoon on the Sunday of a French holiday weekend. As I had read online that I was responsible for the necessities for the apartment (it is not a serviced hotel), I realized I had to go on a mission for toilet paper. I eventually found some at a fruit market, along with wine, and then I got lost on the way back to the attic, and when I finally made my way back, Tatiana rang and came to drop off.. more toilet paper (she had meant to earlier). :>

I found it more difficult to photograph anything in the streets of Paris than any other place. While I was there, there was something of a heatwave, and in early May the restaurants and cafés were utilizing open air patios and seating, such that the patrons looked out onto the streets at passersby. It was a time of year when the streets themselves were not crowded, and so the eye would naturally be drawn to a lone person walking along. My ability to cope with this fluctuated. Also, because of the temperatures, the clothes I had wanted to wear in Paris were not suitable. :> And unfortunately, I lack the skill of shopping.

I spent a couple of days in the attic drinking merlot, looking at art books and singing with my Imaginary Friend.

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