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Attic Apartment       ***Absolutely Unique***

I almost couldn't believe my luck to have found such a place.

I immediately wished that I had others to share it with.

I especially liked the effects of the lighting at different times of the day through the stained glass windows in the attic. The flat was romantic, quirky, arty, inviting.

There were full cooking facilities, and full-size fridge, dishes, dishwasher, washer and dryer, one main bedroom and two smaller ones, two bathrooms, one with a big tub, the other with a shower.

Location (Le Marais): It was possible to walk to a lot of well-known spots, and public transport was very accessible. I did not see fast food outlets or convenience stores, or anything similar. There was a strong emphasis on dining out, and even when all other stores are closed up, many cafés, bars and restaurants are open.

The phone in the apartment could be used for local calls. There was a tv with various channels, a few dvds I think, many design magazines, art books. Tatiana, who looks after the flat, keeps open an invitation to call her with any questions or problems.

It is helpful to have a mobile phone regarding practical details and initial entry to the flat. I had trouble getting the internet to work, but I had decided that it was ok to be internet-free at least some of the time while travelling, and didn't ring Tatiana for assistance.

There were 5 flights of winding stairs: narrow, steep, well-worn, often with a tendency to slant, and without a consistent handrail. When I arrived, I had a knee injury. Otherwise, I wouldn't at all have had a problem with the stairs. Even so, I found the stairs added a layer of interest to the experience.