Hotel Mayet [Review]

After Prague, I had nothing booked for 12 days, and so I had quickly arranged a trip to Marrakesh. My stay at Hotel Mayet was brief, as it was intended to fill two days before I departed for Marrakesh.

The first thing I saw when I landed at Charles de Gaulle was a field full of bunnies.

The taxi drove through/under the Arc de Triomphe, along the Champs-Élysées. I lost sense of direction and perhaps sense of time, but it did not seem that the hotel was far from this famous avenue. Yes, I could look this up, but leaving as is gives an idea of some of the ways in which I did not travel well, or function at a high capacity.

At the airport, I had started speaking French almost as a reflex, which surprised me. I had asked several people (in French) if they spoke English, and some replied such that I realized they were not comfortable with English. The taxi driver made it easy to try to speak French, and was encouraging. I found while speaking French that some people winced as if my French hurt their ears and they wondered why I bothered, but there were others who were encouraging, friendly, or perhaps relieved that I was willing to try. I wanted to have more opportunities to try, and I wondered if this was also true of others: that they were not really so concerned with my bad French, but actually wanted someone to practice their English on.

While here, I had the good fortune to hear from a long lost friend.

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