Art Hotel Luise [Review]

I wish that I could have seen more of Berlin, but this was a place where I had trouble going outside, such that I didn't even eat during the time I was there. However, the hotel itself was phenomenal, and I wish that I could have had a look at each of the rooms. In my room there were booklets to read, including one which featured photos and descriptions of the various rooms in the hotel, and there was a book of Mammel's paintings.

Each room in the hotel has been designed by a different artist. The rooms can be viewed on the i-escape website.

The room I was given was Mammel's Dream. My photo is misleading, because you really can't see scale. The bed was huge, the room was huge, the ceiling was very high. Oddly enough, I felt that my appearance was not at odds with the room (I was wearing my black hat and a simple black dress), I felt that I looked natural there, which was a strange experience for me.

In such a room, there was a feeling of hopefulness, a sense that life is vast and full of potential, that love and affection are not small and restricted things, that there is still time to paint a wall red, and the feeling that my story has not yet reached the end.

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