coochiemudlo island

Lamina Amour cottage [Review]

When I returned from overseas I had not yet decided what to do next, and I found myself falling into old patterns. I headed to Coochiemudlo Island (Queensland, Australia) to think and get myself together.

Coochiemudlo Island is not far from Brisbane city - a ferry from Victoria Point to the island takes about 10 minutes. Vehicles can be driven onto a barge, but the barge must be booked in advance.

Assorted farm animals can be found near Lamina Amour and the other three Quirky Cottges nearby, including chickens, ducks (Mr and Mrs Howell) and a donkey. A little white dog named Willy Wonka may make an appearance, and curlews and kookaburras are abundant in the area.

The atmosphere is laidback. Walking around the island, it gives the impression of a small summer holiday town from a non-jaded era. Many of the cottages and creative touches around the island are colourful, playful. It is a peaceful enough place to get away to on one's own, but what I found here was that I wished for a group of friends to get together at the cottage for dinner, drinks, music, conversation.

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