The Scarlet [Review]

Singapore is often a stopover city. I chose to stay in Singapore 3 nights for The Scarlet hotel alone. I had thought that I would like the atmosphere and decor, and I was right. It was a good place to get in touch with the sexual and sensual. It stimulated my imagination.

There were many booths and intimate corners in the hotel foyer, in the hotel restaurant, Desire, and in the hotel bar, Bold.

I did not get to know much of Singapore. When I was there it was quite hot. When I did venture out, I found the sun shockingly bright, and the airconditioning in shopping centres and public places didn't seem to be set cool enough. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, but I was dressed inappropriately. What felt comfortable and natural or fitting in the hotel felt much less so in the streets of Singapore in the daylight.

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