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The Scarlet       ***Brazen, Illicit, Alluring***

Very sexy. A femme fatale. Exotic, sophisticated and dramatic all at the same time. I think for anyone who is interested in trying to narrow down the options, the atmosphere and mood of the Scarlet at all times seemed conducive to living out seduction or sexual fantasy.

The inhouse restaurants and bar each had their own approach, their own mood, and the food and refreshments I sampled were delicious as well as being fittingly themed.

The room was clean and the bed quite comfortable.

Staff were friendly and polite, and non-intrusive. The shhhhhhhhhhh... (do not disturb) sign was respected.

Good internet connection in the room.

Most of the tourists were dressed as tourists, casually, and the hotel was not intimidating. However, it is more than possible to dress more dramatically and not feel out of place.

The mood lighting in the rooms and throughout the hotel was very sensual.