The Shanghai Inn [Review]

Bangkok itself reminded me of a somewhat rundown futuristic city. I walked a little, and I had a tour in a tuk-tuk, a type of motorized cart that is common in the streets of Bangkok, probably best suited to people who are not extremely tall. I saw ornate temples and at night a lot of neon, streets thronged with people, many who were eating (but very thin).

The Shanghai Inn is located in Chinatown. One night in Chinatown near the hotel, I had the hottest Chinese food I have ever tasted. After I went through 5 serviettes blowing my nose, I had to stop.

The hotel would be a perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous. The room itself and the hotel lounge areas were quite picturesque. While I was there, a camera crew filmed (and photographed) both the hotel and the streets nearby, perhaps in an attempt to capture its romantic essence.

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