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olaf - september 2006

Olaf the Marauding Possum or Olaf the Handsome. As you can see, Olaf is quite a burly fellow. From some angles, he is also quite handsome. His eyes photograph in unusual ways, often casting an opal shimmer or seeming to reflect an australian desert landscape. At times he can appear quite blundering and comical, or as if flailing purposely in order to attract attention to himself. He is a strong one, and first attempts to feed him resulted in demonstrations of his unusual physical strength. From some angles, he doesn't appear as large, but the possum body shape is a strange thing, and all possums tend to look plump from certain angles, thinner from others. However, he does seem noticeably larger than the other possums we've seen in Queensland.

Olaf may be evidence that we are not overfeeding the local possums. Olaf appears to have achieved his remarkable proportions without any human interference.

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