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Kulfi is Ginger's second baby. He is a very quick and alert possum, and is the most solitary of a solitary lot, being the possum most likely to visit when no other possums are present. We have heard that male possums aren't acceptable as mates until they are about 3 years old or so, or have established themselves. Kulfi is an anxious one, always on his guard. He seems most comfortable when only one human food tree at a time is present. We have heard that possums don't particularly notice human voices, but for some reason, I think Kulfi finds it somewhat calming to hear the female human food tree, and is more likely to stay around when she talks to him.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Kulfi back-ride. We suspected that Ginger felt it was unsafe to bring him around because there were many possums in the area at the time. When Kulfi would have reached the age of independence, a young male possum started to visit. He took food offered by hand on the very first occasion, and greatly resembled Ginger. We thought that perhaps it was Kulfi, that he had come back to an area he recognized, and that it was easy for him to adapt to us because he had already heard and smelled us while he was in Ginger's pouch, and because Ginger had seemed comfortable with us.

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