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We have observed Cocoa (Ginger's first baby) through the various stages of her growth and development, and would like very much to have continued contact with her. For a while, it looked like she had moved away into her own territory, or that perhaps something had happened to her. After a 3-week period of no Cocoa sightings at all, she returned in October 2005 and is [as of September 2006] the possum who visits most frequently. We think of her as queen possum.

Cocoa is a kamikaze possum. She fearlessly climbs very tall gum trees, and often gets into scrapes. We had to take turns giving her a haircut on three separate occasions when she managed to get herself coated in tar. She likes hot (spicy) food and is the first possum we've had contact with that eats meat and fish. [We later discovered that her younger brother, Kulfi, also likes these foods.]

Cocoa has undergone body modification since the photo on this page was taken. See the fierce draggle-ear.


Cocoa passed away on August 31st, 2007, at just a little under 2.5 years of age. A dog attack left her with severe injuries, and it was necessary to have her euthanized. I will leave the Cocoa section intact, and will probably add more to it later on.

A eulogy of sorts can be found here. (Back links on the pages won't return you to
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