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Švejk march 2007

Švejk is Cocoa's second baby. ['shvake']

Švejk is comfortable around people. He is friendly, doesn't mind being petted, and has even come into the house on his own. (On one occasion he climbed a vertical support beam that Cocoa sometimes climbs when she comes in the house - we have photos of Cocoa on this beam in the Cocoa section.)

He spent less time flailing and crying in distress when left on his own than the other baby possums we've had contact with. He has a kind of skill with making his way through trees, finding the right branches, aiming, etc, that reminds us of Blackbeard. He didn't wait for Cocoa to give him a push to go off on his own - he seemed to want to instinctually, without being asked or forced.

It is possible that male possum babies are considered more 'precious' than females - Švejk will usually wait for Cocoa to taste a new food first, even if he appears to like the smell of something. The mothers/females may be considered more expendable, or hardier when it comes to eating something potentially poisonous. When Cocoa was very tiny, she didn't wait for Ginger to taste food for her.

We have had a lot more male than female possums around. For a long time now (as of 31/03/07), Cocoa has been the -only- female.

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