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It is likely that Blackbeard is Cocoa's father. He has similar colouring (Cocoa's colouring seems halfway between Ginger's and Blackbeard's), he has furry ears like Cocoa (the fur is fluffier, or stands up more than the fur on Ginger's ears), and he is the only male brushtail we have seen in the yard. [This was written in 2005]

All possums are probably pirates, but Blackbeard may not be the most fitting name we could have chosen. He does have a black beard-like marking on his chin, but he has a gentle, sensitive temperament and we think of him as possibly artistic. He takes and nibbles food in a delicate manner. Although he is large, athletic and from some angles a tough-looking possum, he is one of the least pushy ones we have had contact with.

The photo on this page represents his graceful side, but the "getting to know Blackbeard" photos better capture his everyday appearance. To see a roguish-looking Blackbeard, check out the corresponding link below. For an example of a possum making verbal threats, listen to the Blackbeard mp3 ("keep away from my food tree"), also linked below. To watch the video, click here (16sec) or download (1.1mb).

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roguish Blackbeard
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1. Keep Away From My Food Tree (16sec, 268k)
2. Click Click Click (Let's Get It On) (11 sec, 180k)