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queek september 2006

Queek is Cocoa's first baby. The first thing we noticed about Queek was that he had very large feet. One of them always seemed to be hanging out of Cocoa's pouch before we saw his head. His foot looked almost as big as Cocoa's foot, even though he was just a baby. Queek also has unusual colouring and markings.

It would be difficult not to notice how cute Queek is. His eyes open wide, taking everything in. He has mastered back-riding such that he doesn't fall off even when Cocoa lunges at top speed at some annoying male who has pissed her off. He looks fiendish when he manages to wrest food away from Cocoa, often taking it right out of her mouth while she is eating, and then fleeing the scene to find his own gobbling branch.

We now have a disproportionate number of male possums in the area, [August - October 2006] and are not sure what to expect. We had read that females outnumbered males, and that males were obligated to fight each other over territories, while females were more likely to share. However, our experience is that the local males have relatively few and minor wounds, and don't actually seem all riled up by each other's presences.

[Note December 2006: By November 2006 we were down to one female (Cocoa) and one male (Blackbeard) in the garden. Queek was one of the males who departed or went into hiding. Perhaps he went off to seek his own territory. We hope he'll stop by for a visit sometime.]

[01/12/07: Several months ago we started to notice males with wounds and problems, and have read that males outnumber females when there are too many possums for a given area. We are not sure what to expect next. Queek returned in September 2007, and while at first we thought he was just visiting, it eventually seemed like he might intend to stay.]

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