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Ginger, Cocoa, Blackbeard, Kulfi, Queek, Olaf, Švejk, Kwila, Leena and Kiki are brushtail possums, and the stars of Possum TV. The cast list changes from time to time, with some members dropping out of sight or appearing less regularly, and with new members taking over. Ginger and Cocoa appear in the photo on this page. We (the Grey Knight and Xesce) are nocturnal people who wanted pets, but due to our personal circumstances were unable to have any that weren't exceptionally self-reliant. Our first possum contacts through until the present time can be traced in the possum diary.

Possums are marsupials. Females carry the young in a pouch. I think possums are underrated, possibly partly because cute marsupials like koalas and kangaroos are what most people associate with Australia. However, possums are endearing and entertaining in their own ways, and adapt well to human contact. The name "common brushtail possum" seems inappropriate when you observe the acrobatic feats and clever tactics employed by these comical little beasts. They are full of surprises, and there are striking differences in personality and preferences from one possum to another.

GK now offers live viewing of possum boxes at http://www.possum.tv/, but warns that this server is slow and doesn't offer true streaming video. He also offers movie highlights.

The older video clips we have can be found in the possum tv section here.

The possums and other creatures that appear on this site have all been spotted in an Australian suburban yard. Looking outside here can be like watching a nature channel on tv - except that it is possible to interact with some of the subjects. Most of the property is made up of native vegetation, and is for the most part left untended and unpruned. Not all creatures are seen on a regular basis, but many might be lurking about hidden from view at any given time.

This site represents an attempt to organize video footage, still photos and anecdotes about the creatures that inhabit the garden. Some basic info about brushtail possums is provided in the links section, and possum-related data occurs throughout the site.

The photos and video footage have been provided by the Grey Knight, with a few photos contributed by Xesce. Possum TV material may be reproduced with permission, or if credit is given to Possum TV. Originally launched in September 2005, this site was created by and maintained by Xesce (with GK contributing html advice and expertise) until October 2008, at which time GK took over. As of April 2009, the site became (and remains) inactive. Some content is now obsolete or incorrect.

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