Concentrate on a question, situation or feeling, or clear your mind. Click the button to lay out cards. After you have laid out cards, click each thumbnail in turn to enlarge the thumbnail and read related text. Larger versions of the images in thumbnails can be viewed by clicking the enlarged thumbnails. You will have to click your 'back' button to return to your layout. The key on the left of the screen corresponds to the list. I will try to offer more types of layouts at some point.

How to interpret readings:

1. question/issue: If there is something in particular on your mind focus on it as well as you can. If you formulate a question, keep it in mind when looking at each individual card in the layout. If you don't know what to ask, try just clearing your mind and being receptive to whatever presents itself.

2. mental and emotional: Your current thoughts and feelings and how they relate to or affect the issue.

3. physical environment: What you are dealing with in a physical sense: obstacles or what helps you in your environment, or what has materialized so far.

4. creative challenge: Something to think about, or what might help you to get closer to getting what you want or what will help the situation.

5. resolution: Where things seem to be headed at the present time.

When interpreting a layout, I first look at all of the pictures and see if any feelings, ideas, associations, memories, etc, spring to mind. If 'silly' ideas come into your mind spontaneously, try not to dismiss them out of hand. When viewing the large version (my previous, not current version) of "The Lovers", someone I know commented that it looked like a jealous person was pelting the couple with rotten tomatoes. I replaced that card, and will try to replace the new one as well, but I think the comment it brought out in this example was significant.

Look for repeated symbols, themes, colours, patterns, etc, in your layout. Highlighted text applies to your personal layout. Certain cards in certain positions or in combination can intensify a meaning or give additional insight. I have tried to give examples with each card regarding combinations, but these are by no means definitive or inflexible - they are meant to be a starting point only (to trigger inspiration or associations). Eventually, I will try to compile some kind of database so that combinations, as well as card positions, can be cross-referenced easily. For now, some cards are mentioned more than others. This throws off the overall balance. I will address this when/if I'm able.

The text that corresponds to an image may not seem to make sense given a card position or given your question. These are other issues that may to some extent be addressed when/if I compile the aforementioned database. Also, as you become more familiar with the descriptions, after a while you may start to wonder why I've included certain examples or neglected others that may seem a more obvious choice. A lot of it relates to my current level of organization, and I will address inconsistencies or things that don't make sense when/if I'm able. However, the whole process is meant to be intuitive, and I would like for people to approach things in their own way and not feel hemmed in by restrictive text.

When different interpretations - sometimes opposite interpretations - appear with one combination, the interpretation depends on your personal situation and what is most applicable, the positioning of cards and also on what other cards appear in the layout.

I'm a bit nervous that as things stand, the way I've organized the writing in the page descriptions puts too big an emphasis on predicting concrete events or that I've just written a bunch of bland cliches. I hope that eventually I will be able to create more complex images and get more complex ideas into writing.

If you are interested and/or feel up to it, you could try some automatic writing in relation to each card. Hold on to what you've written for a while, give yourself time to think about it, and come back to it later, or if there's anyone you feel you can discuss it all with, try contacting that person.

My layout makes no sense and/or I feel distressed:

If you are not able to try automatic writing, or if there is no one you can talk to, it may be necessary to go away for a while, and give things a little time. Sometimes, an idea will come later. If there is something I might be able to clarify, it is ok to send me an email, although my ability to respond will depend on my circumstances.

As I wrote above, I will eventually try to flesh out the page descriptions and create more unusual images. I will also try to give additional hints and cross-referencing tips. However... it's all mostly meant to be like looking at ink blots and blurting stuff out - talking about whatever comes up with others, or finding ways to use what you see somehow, expressing it somehow in your life.

Now forget everything I have said, and approach it all in your own way. :> back to main tarot page

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