Welcome to my tarot page. I am not a licensed tarot reader, nor am I an expert. While it is fully operational, I consider this site a rough draft. The tarot images that appear here may represent steps toward a more intricately developed tarot deck in the future. Depending on my circumstances, I may replace various images from time to time and add more to the page descriptions. I've been finding it difficult to get much of what I want to into words. I would also like to make certain technical changes, when/if I'm able.

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To me, part of what the tarot represents is a way of linking ideas, memories and associations, in new or unexpected ways. At times, this reorganization of personal details and symbols triggers insights that make life seem more interesting to me.

There is much in life that is unknown or not yet measurable or easily put into words. In addition, all of us are affected by unconscious factors. I am interested in trying to understand some of these unconscious factors, in myself, and in others. Every once in a while we get glimpses of what else there is or can be, and it may be possible to experience a sense of personal mystery or awe related to life.

I don't intend to set myself up as a person who has answers. I'm sharing what my subconscious offers, giving it conscious reflection while piecing together whatever I can remember picking up about the tarot over the years, hoping to help myself understand myself better. I would be very pleased if this site could be helpful to others, or fun in some way.

For those who are lonely and distressed and don't know where else to turn... I think that in large part the creation of my cards and this site is about what's grown out of that kind of state for me. Sharing these images and words might be about trying to reach out to people, and to keep them company for a moment.

However you found your way here, and wherever your path leads, I wish you well.

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