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Hotel Mayet       ***Colourful Irreverence***

The room was in red, grey and white. It was small, but clean and modern/attractive. There was an unusual silver fan on the ceiling, very small, and I wondered if it was just a sculpture of some kind rather than a functional fan, but it turned out there was a remote for it in the bedside table (which happened to look like a filing cabinet.)

There was a very pleasing scent to the room. The view of the 'courtyard' was short on view, but.. this hotel had the best blackout curtains of any hotel I visited, and I had a very restful sleep.

I found it a bit intimidating to eat breakfast with a security camera aimed down the length of the breakfast table. Most of the breakfast options were tasty/tempting, but I was a bit worried my stomach wouldn't like too much pastry, bread, cake. However, I had one of those drinkable yogurts from the special yogurt fridge, and perhaps that made a difference.

I liked the colourful lobby, and I found the staff friendly and helpful.

It was a last minute addition to my itinerary, but Hotel Mayet fit the Hotel Chaotica theme and I'm glad I was able to get a room there on such short notice.