many thanks to the grey knight for teaching me html, and for help with some of the images on this site. in particular, the winged penis..

over the years, gk has continued to help me with html and some of the technical aspects that relate to various creative ideas i have. his input, support, and encouragement should not be underestimated. he also contributes occasional photos to my site - most of which are processed by me. [however, i do actually do most of the work on my various sites myself - even the technical stuff.]

most of the images that appear throughout my sites have been created by me from photos i have taken. the ones that haven't been taken by me are listed here. [most of the photos and all of the video clips on the Possum TV site are gk's.]

gk and another person who has been very important in my life, steward, separately came up with the word "obxesceion", and i felt that it was a good title for my site. i realize i probably come across as self-obsessed, but my personal makeup is such that i had trouble handling the outside world, and i turned inward to try to cope with my existence. 'obxesceion' didn't just represent my self-absorption to me, it also represented a state of mind and being that occurred at various times in my life when i was totally consumed or preoccupied with another person or a mode of expression. it also became a term that represented to me the kind of life and death i wanted to have, and that i didn't want 'normal'.

there is no denying that the content on this site is self-indulgent. a lot of it makes me cringe. mostly.. i allowed myself to lose control. i don't know what to do about it now. i have urges to delete all of it. in the past i destroyed large quantities of things i had written or otherwise created.

disclaimer: i'm not really sure how i appear to others IRL. if they met me in person, i don't know if others would feel that the photos on this site actually bear any resemblance to me. i am horrendously neurotic about my appearance, and i think that the issues i have regarding my appearance have had a lot of bearing on my inability to go outside over the years, have had negative effects on my personal relationships (understatement) and have a lot to do with me feeling hopeless about life. for the most part, i'm not drawn to everyday "reality". many of the photos on this site represent (clumsy) efforts to transcend it. i wish i had the energy, ability, imagination - whatever - to express myself in more extreme ways.