GK photo credits: Xesce Tarot

7. Obxesceion: Gk and I were walking in a cemetery when I spotted a white slab and asked him to take my photo. It was dark, and he could not see through the viewfinder of the camera. An image could only be seen once a photo had been taken. He took a few test shots, and from those I figured out where I wanted him to stand and aim. For the shot I used, he was holding the camera above his head where I asked him to stand, and he aimed blind. I later processed and snipped the image.
17. The Tower: GK took the original photo and made it into an animated gif, also incorporating photos of lightning he had taken. Processing and adding the falling figure were my contributions, as was creative input.
26. and 32. Thorny Devil and The Unexpected: I processed both images, although I didn't do much to 26.
34. Synchronicity: GK helped with the processing.
42. The Spiral (under my direction, but processing done by me)
44. Patterns: I was still a little shy about taking photos when we only had one digital camera. I asked him to take this photo, I processed it.
47. The Ends of the Earth: Same as above.
56. Creatures of the Night: Same as above.
70. Inspiration: I took the photo, but GK made this into an animated gif and put the wings on. GK created this animated gif in 2001. The photography and creative input came from me, as did the original idea, but GK was the one who technically figured out how to make it work. He also had creative input.

GK photo credits: Obxesceion

(As stated above, GK took the original obxesceion photo.)
1. Many of the photos of animals on my site have been taken by GK, and have had only small bits of processing: a few possum photos, seal photos, other australian animal photos. Where they occur, I often put a note in the 'alt' tag.
2. Photo of Henry.
3. The orgy to end all orgies: GK's photo, my processing.
4. Tower photos.
5. Various Kangaroo Island photos, Kings Canyon photos.
6. Some of the black feather boa photos, directed by me.
7. The sign in 'life vomit'.
8. Volcano photos.
9. Protester at Yulara (outside hotels near Uluru).

[When GK and I travelled together, using different cameras, we sometimes took very similar photos of particular places or features of places. In these cases, I am not sure who to credit, especially when the photos were so similar that I'm not sure whose photos I actually did the processing on.]

GK photo credits: Mia Diary

1. In the ("long, complicated") Desiderata 2006 entry posted August 2006, GK contributed photos of the Madison, the Art Deco Cafe, a laneway mural and a fountain. I was too nervous in the moment to take the photos myself, and asked him to take them.
2. For the same reason, I also asked GK to take the photos of Koko Black for my "twisted chocolate ad". (I contributed only the photo of a box of chocolates.)
3. Photos of a lamp and shot glasses at Mink.
4. The original tree photo for 'esoterica'.

[The above photos were processed by me, some more heavily than others.]

Xesce photo credits: Possum TV

When it comes to the Possum TV site, it's easier to list the photos I took because most of the photos on the Possum TV site were taken by GK. [Note: For the Possum TV site, GK used a newer, better camera than in the past, while the photos I contributed until late 2005 were taken with an old 1.3 megapixel.] All of the video clips were taken and processed by GK. I helped in selection and made a few odd comments or suggestions, but my contributions were minimal overall. The photos I took were:
1. The first photos of Ginger, on the 'young Ginger' page.
2. The photo of Ginger at the top of the 'timeline/journal' page
3. Two other photos on the 'timeline/journal' page, including one of Ginger eating tomato, and the photo of Cocoa reaching for chocolate cake.
4. The photos of Ginger on the 'food preferences' page.
5. The 'fuzzy face' photo of Cocoa, plus the photo on the 'back-riding' page.
6. The small possum gif in the upper left corner of the main page was created by me from a photo GK took.
7. The large picture on the (older versions of the) main page was created by me from four photos I took and one that GK took.
8. The gecko photo.
9. Cocoa the Gargoyle. (A processed version now appears on the main Possum TV page.)
10. Queek: the first closeup on the Possum TV diary, the 'bewildered' one, 'possum cuteness' and 'startled' expression.
11. Photo on the scrub turkey main page.
12. Olaf batting his pretty eyes, Olaf on the handrail, and Blackbeard looking more silly than Don Juanish.
13. All of the photos from the 03/03/07 entry (including diary photo), except the 'back-riding' one at the top of the list.
14. In the Švejk section: all photos on the 'more with Cocoa' page, and the first 3 starting from the left at the top of the 'Švejk grows up' page.
15. The photo of Cocoa with her tongue out mentioned in the diary on 31/03/07.
16. All photos of Cocoa, Kwila and ringtails in the 28/08/07 diary entry.
17. The photo of Jezebel from the 29/09/07 diary entry (it also appears on the Jezebel main page. I also took the photos on the 'more Jezebel photos' page.)
18. The photo of Blackbeard from the 29/09/07 diary entry.
19. The photo of Blackbeard that appears on page 3 of the Possum TV diary - it is the third photo from the top of the page.
20. Photos of Hazel from the 17/11/07 diary entry.
21. Pumpkin wraps her tail around GK's finger (23/11/07 diary entry).
22. Photo of Queek's eye healing in the 28/11/07 diary entry.
23. Somewhat blurry photo of Rufus (one that shows his rufus colouring), and another that shows a closeup of his face (13/09/08 diary entry.) [GK's Tasmanian photo credits are listed on the Tasmania main page.]

GK photo credits: Blue Tongue Blog

1. GK filmed the blue-tongue lizard poking out its tongue, and subsequently created the shockwave animation version for my blog at my request. In addition, he figured out the details involved with creating a custom blog from a yahoo!360 template.
2. The photo of the moon that appears (with possum) in 'good-bye cocoa' and 'to feed or not to feed'.
3. GK made and photographed the original sugar skull used in 'eating disorders are silly'. (The photo was processed by me)
4. Original photos of the protester in 'protest', and possibly the photo of uluru ('health and longevity') and desert flower('the stolen generation'). All were processed by me. Different versions of the first two were already in use in other parts of xesce.net.

Other credits: Blue Tongue Blog

1. The green fairy from 'you have no new messages' is a photo taken of the tv screen while I watched Moulin Rouge. It was a very blurred picture to start, and I added a blurred photo of my face.
2. The blue fairy ('you have no new messages') was created from a photo I took of the tv screen while watching AI. As usual, my face was worked in, and I enhanced the photo.

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