Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale

Adults - events in the last year:

Death of a spouse 100
Divorce 73
Marital separation 65
Imprisonment 63
Death of a close family member 63
Personal injury or illness 53
Marriage 50
Dismissal from work 47
Marital reconciliation 45
Retirement 45
Change in health of family member 44
Pregnancy 40
Sexual difficulties 39
Gain a new family member 39
Business readjustment 39
Change in financial state 38
Change in frequency of arguments 35
Major mortgage 32
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan 30
Change in responsibilities at work 29
Child leaving home 29
Trouble with in-laws 29
Outstanding personal achievement 28
Spouse starts or stops work 26
Begin or end school 26
Change in living conditions 25
Revision of personal habits 24
Trouble with boss 23
Change in working hours or conditions 20
Change in residence 20
Change in schools 20
Change in recreation 19
Change in church activities 19
Change in social activities 18
Minor mortgage or loan 17
Change in sleeping habits 16
Change in number of family reunions 15
Change in eating habits 15
Vacation 13
Christmas 12
Minor violation of law 11

Score of 300+: At risk of illness.

Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate (reduced by 30% from the above risk).

Score 150-: Only have a slight risk of illness.

Non-Adults - events in the last year:

Getting married 95
*Unwed pregnancy 100
*Death of parent 100
Acquiring a visible deformity 80
Divorce of parents 90
Fathering an unwed pregnancy 70
*Becoming involved with drugs or alcohol 50
Jail sentence of parent for over one year 70
Marital separation of parents 69
Death of a brother or sister 68
*Change in acceptance by peers 67
Pregnancy of unwed sister 64
Discovery of being an adopted child 63
Marriage of parent to stepparent 63
Death of a close friend 63
*Having a visible congenital deformity 62
*Serious illness requiring hospitalization 58
Failure of a grade in school 56
Not making an extracurricular activity 55
**Hospitalization of a parent 55
Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days 53
*Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend 53
Beginning to date 51
Suspension from school 50
Birth of a brother or sister 50
Increase in arguments between parents 47
*Loss of job by parent 46
Outstanding personal achievement 46
*Change in parent's financial status 45
Accepted at college of choice 43
*Being a senior in high school 42
Hospitalization of a sibling 41
*Increased absence of parent from home 38
Brother or sister leaving home 37
Addition of third adult to family 34
Becoming a full fledged member of a church 31
Decrease in arguments between parents 27
Decrease in arguments with parents 26
Mother or father beginning work 26

Score of 300+: At risk of illness.

Score of 150-299+: Risk of illness is moderate. (reduced by 30% from the above risk)

Score 150-: Slight risk of illness.

It may be more important to look at individual events in detail, and there may be (possibly ongoing) events and conditions in life which add stress but are not on the list. As individual context is significant it would seem that the above scores could only be rough estimates at best.

My score in 1982 would have been almost 800, not taking into account the ongoing eating disorder and body issues, the breakup of my father's relationship (his girlfriend had lived with us for 3 years), and various ongoing stresses, like the tumultuous relationship with my 'boyfriend', and I'm not quite sure what category my father's advances and religious delusions fit, or running away from home, or sexual trauma resulting in PTSD, or having my first full-time job. At that time, advanced level students were required to have two 'senior' years, each resulting in a diploma.

When it comes to my father, in 1982: Not sure how to score some events, and 'minor violation of law' is that 3 X 11 for 3 DUIs?, or should there be a higher score? I am guessing his score was at least similar to mine, and that my siblings' scores would be around half mine and my father's (still at high risk for illness), but it is impossible to be accurate, because many of the applicable stressors aren't on the lists.















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