I have seen a lot of people complaining about 'gay people' and their parades. I have come to the conclusion that my website is probably something like a gay pride parade. Many people may think it is too much information, and they might not understand why I feel the need to put it out there. Most people don't understand that I haven't had equality, and that I am actually fighting for it. If I quietly disappear, I have no chance to help other people understand.

It's difficult for many people to understand depression and other mental health issues, because these issues can be very complex. People are already struggling to deal with the complexities of modern life as it is, without having to learn about and be sensitive to all the possible factors that others face. I am by no means certain that I am sensitive or knowledgeable enough when it comes to very many subjects, including the ones I am most familiar with.

My website may come across in some ugly ways. Many of the individual articles in the psychoanalysis may be unfinished or too self-absorbed on their own, but taken as a whole, I can begin to see my own situation more clearly.

When I wrote the psychoanalysis, I didn't really understand the extent to which I was facing judgments and the effects of stigma from my own family, friends and acquaintances, or that in many ways they were giving me the same messages as society.

At present, my assessment is that depression is a valid or appropriate response to the state of modern life.

-Xesce, 04/04/12















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