Medical Conditions

The psychological effects of having ichthyosis and HSV2 need to be factored in to the whole when trying to analyze my situation. Ichthyosis has been a lifelong concern, whereas HSV2 was acquired at age 23.

Throughout childhood the 'differentness' of my skin was an ongoing source of stress. When I reached adolescence and was becoming more sexually curious, the fact that there was no cure for ichthyosis contributed to the development of depression. Having an unusual skin condition may have contributed to my shyness, and led to me turning down certain opportunties in life, e.g., an exchange program in which I could potentially have gone to France (at age 13-14).

At age 23 I contracted genital herpes (HSV2), which in itself is difficult for most, but when considered in addition to my other problems, further contributed to a depression that was already severe. In spite of HSV, I have been able to have significant relationships. However, spontaneity has been greatly reduced, I have been affected by the stigma associated with having a non-curable sexually transmittable disease, and worry about passing it on has had effects on my ability to respond naturally.















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