the majorca building august 2015

the majorca building

On the 10th, I moved from The Blackman Hotel to Apartment 401 in the Majorca Building. It is a stunning apartment, and I'm still finding it difficult to believe I am actually staying here. The building was designed by architect Harry Norris in 1928, and has links to Melbourne's fashion industry. It's a historic building, with lots of unusual touches and details, and includes old-fashioned lifts. My photos don't do it justice, but I will try again while I am here.

It's not really the fashion angle.. when I first saw this building during my first trip to Melbourne, I felt drawn to it. It looked a little different at the time.. there were these unusual tile or glass things that I now only vaguely remember, at the entrance. But it was partly the overall picture: I really liked the laneway it was in. It's a relatively small area, but the impact for me is enormous, it is something that really strikes me, even years later.

juliet style balcony looking out over the laneway

There's a public library across the street, and I signed up with the Melbourne Library system, got a card, and can use the computers there, as well as borrow books, music, etc. I had to do this because I don't have wifi, but it is interesting how it all worked out so easily. I can walk everywhere here, and feel very independent.

the sleeping area

me in the bathroom

dining area (complimentary lindt chocolates)

a snack..

(food from Victoria Markets)

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