email problems



I won't be able to have my one character email address unless I change providers. For now, I'm going to overwrite the 'x' email gif with a different one.

I don't like seeing my name as a nickname, an address and a domain, such that my name is repeated 3 times in one line, and I did really like the idea of x ('an unknown quantity, factor or result', etc) at my domain, but I need some time to think about whether I want to change providers.

For now, it's best to use:

This means that the red address referred to below is no longer on my site. While I'm here, I'll also state:

I do check my spam folder regularly, but I'm not completely sure I get all my mail. If I haven't written to at least acknowledge your email, it means I didn't receive it.



At present, it might not be possible to send mail to the address that is used most often throughout my site (the red one at the bottom of this page). Instead, use this one:

Changes have occurred within my domain hosting and my preferred email address has been deleted because it only contains one character. I'm currently waiting for this to be worked out. When/if this is resolved, I'll post an update on this page. Any mail sent in the last few days would have been met with an error message stating that the address does not exist, or that it is currently inaccessible.


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