australian politics are a joke

Wtf is with this ousting of Prime Ministers? I am not an Abbott fan, but I can't see how it is good for Australia to kick out yet another Prime Minister. It makes the major parties look incompetent, petty and capricious, and just as easily swayed by the media as the masses. The time to get yourselves in gear was before choosing Abbott as your leader, people. Do his actions really seem all that surprising? Doesn't it make sense to take into account all the fucking ousting parties that occurred so soon before this one? And to factor in the impact? Eesh. And what on earth makes Turnbull seem more trustworthy or 'healthy' for Australia?? As an ignorant outsider/observer who is (admittedly) politically clueless, I think another ousting so soon is worse than the horror of just keeping Abbott in until the next election, especially when you haven't really got a better candidate. Is there just so much bad press that it has been decided Something Must Be Done? And is that a good way to run a party or a country? I find the situation so crazy that it's difficult to wrap my head around it. And the really, really sad thing about all of this is that no matter how ludicrous it all gets, when the next election comes around, Australians still won't have the gumption to vote Green for a change.

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