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scrub turkey

The photo to the right was taken in early October 2006. The yellow ring around the neck indicates that this is a male scrub turkey. This turkey was spending a lot of time in the garden digging amongst the leaf litter, probably checking out the nesting possibilities here. GK saw him with a female some time before this photo was taken. On the day this photo was taken, I found the turkey scratching at the sliding glass door at the top of a landing. Some birdseed had previously been scattered on the landing - probably by possums spilling the contents of a bowl from the balcony one level higher. I thought that perhaps the turkey might want more birdseed. I startled him with my presence, however, and he went back into the garden.

We have seen several different scrub/brush turkeys in the yard over the years. The first two appeared to be mates looking for a place to make a nest in which to place eggs (2004). A couple of months later we noticed a lone scrub turkey chick often in the vicinity of the compost heap. A male adult scrub turkey appeared again in 2005. His photo is here.

The male scrub turkey has responsibility for the nest, and for keeping it at a very particular temperature.

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