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carpet python

Pythons in suburbia. This one was photographed by GK on our property, but we have also seen them around the neighbourhood. At night, one appeared to be 'sunning' itself under a street lamp. Another was stretched out on a fence in a public park, and when I stroked it, it slowly curved its body into a figure eight. It then rose up in the middle of the formation, swaying as if dancing. It looked a little like one of those snakes that dances for snake charmers.

Carpet pythons can grow to 4 metres in length.

09/03/06: GK spotted a carpet python in the daytime in one of the possum trees.

23/09/06: GK photographed a large python in the garden today. One photo shows its pretty blue tongue. This snake may be 2 metres in length, or even a bit more.

23/02/08: Another large carpet python, photographed in a tree. (About 4m off the ground.) Here's its face. GK was alerted to the presence of this one by the squawking of birds in the daytime.

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