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[The photos on this page were taken by me. I haven't been taking many photos of possums in some time, although possums remain an extremely important part of my life.]

Kiki 2015

Kiki is over 7 years old and has now had 12 babies. A 13th is in the pouch at the time of writing [July 2015.] Her 12th baby, Toto, is pictured on her back in the photo above.

Kiki remains in good health, seems energetic and 'happy'. Recently, another adult female, Sasha, has been around, and I'm not sure what that's about. It is unusual. For almost 5 years, Kiki had been the only adult female seen here. When Kiki sees Sasha, she chases her. It is too early to know if Sasha will stay around or not, or if Kiki will remain the dominant possum if Sasha stays. However, at present it looks like Kiki is still the boss.

Toto 2015

Toto is now considerably bigger than in the photo above. She has a little bit of the rusty-coloured scentmarking around the opening to guide a tiny baby into the pouch. There might already be one in there.

Toto has a very fierce and adult-quality shriek. Like Kiki's other babies, Toto seems tough and well-equipped for possum life.

Wasabi 2015

It is an ongoing source of amazement to see how well Wasabi has recovered after the serious infection he suffered last year. He remains very much the same in temperament and at the time of writing is a regular visitor. (July 2015.)

Tilda 2015

Tilda.. is a bit of a puzzle. She keeps peeing on the handrail, pretty much every night, often 2-4 times per night. I admit that this is stressing me out, and has resulted in me enjoying the time spent with possums less. She has been leaving such large amounts of pee (thick, viscous, and strong-smelling) that I feel it's necessary to wipe it off so that the handrail doesn't smell, other possums don't walk in it, and so that if humans have to reach food to another possum in a tree they don't lean in it. Staying on top of it when she keeps adding more after it's wiped is a hassle. She also tends to leave a few poos at intervals.

In ringtail language, who knows, maybe it's a compliment along the lines of 'I like this restaurant and recommend it.' It could be that this is a message to other female ringtails, like Ruby. Tilda could be asserting her presence as the dominant female. Whatever it's about, I hope it eventually lets up. In the past, there have been a few pissing wars, but none have lasted as long as this one.

Farley 2015

Farley is the first new male possum to take food by hand in a long time. Kiki's male babies do, but others haven't been doing so in the last couple of years. Prok, the possum with the white-tipped tail we originally thought might be Flea, would only take food from the handrail, and tended to run off with it. Prok disappeared around the time Farley arrived, or a bit before.

Farley is an extremely assertive and persistent possum.

Comet 2015

Comet has stayed here longer than any other baby of Kiki's. It is difficult to say for sure why that is, but at least we know he's over a year old, and he's still alive. When the other babies leave, we can't really know for sure what happens to them.

Comet seems to have made it through the awkward stage and is now quite confident and competent, and although Farley regularly chases him, Comet doesn't seem all that fazed by it.

Possum injuries/illnesses 2014-2015

There hadn't been anything in a long time. After Wasabi was treated last year, the possums all seemed healthy for an extended period. Eventually, Comet had a tail injury, Farley developed exudative dermatitis and in July 2015, Toto seems to have a sprain or fracture in her right front leg. Comet and Farley recovered, and we're still watching Toto at the time I write this. It could take 6 weeks for it to heal on its own, but splints aren't practical for possums, and confining her might lead to panic and further injury.

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Note: I receive both antibiotics and advice from a vet who has extensive experience treating wildlife - Dr Jim Pollock.















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