gazing @ my navel
my navel 2000

i always dread being asked what i "do". i've never had a real job, and have no genuine interests. i've spent most of my life
hiding from the world, navel-gazing. i don't believe my thoughts are anything new, but when i feel a need to express something, i will link
it off this page. it's not a good idea to expect too much.

navel photo 2004

longing for death
sweet futility
dancing and bulimia

into the volcano

i draw/paint extremely rarely. i think of it
as a way of getting in touch with what's going
on subconsciously, and for me skill level is not
important to that end:

october 2001
september 2001
september 2001

the bride wore a black feather boa

scratches (potential si trigger)
my hideous secret
if you think i'm sexually attractive, read this

a diary. sort of. maybe. not sure yet.