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huntsman spider in the house november 2005

This huntsman has been around a lot lately. (November 2005.) It likes to hang out around a window that is up very high. One of its legs is shorter and thinner than the corresponding one on the opposite side. I call this spider Captain Ahab.

12/05/06: I didn't think spiders had very long lifespans. Captain Ahab is still around, or perhaps a descendant who has inherited the same short, thin leg. Captain Ahab has been hanging out in the kitchen for the last few weeks. We have to be careful to spot him/her (most likely a her, as it is a large spider and the female huntsmen are more likely to be large.) Sometimes Ahab will sit for hours or overnight in one spot on the floor. We eventually placed a chair in the middle of the path as a reminder of Ahab's presence so we wouldn't accidentally squash him/her. Ahab decided to climb the leg of the chair, and has been on the leg of the chair for a few days now. [Note: That was the last we saw of Captain Ahab. We concluded that Captain Ahab had lived as long as huntsmen live, and that for some reason it just worked out that he/she spent his/her last days in our presence.]

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