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U Tri Bubnu (At the Three Drums)      ***Romantic Vampire Vibe***

This was a very charming and romantic hotel, and I received a gorgeous attic room. From my windows, I had views of the some buildings in the Old Town Square (the hotel was very close.)

For me, the room had a vampire fantasy quality to it.

Good internet connection, and access to laptops if you do not have one.

Soft-spoken, friendly and helpful staff.

Good (complimentary) breakfast.

Since I was in the attic, there were a lot of stairs. (No lift - but my suitcase was carried upstairs for me.) Sound carried a bit. A couple of nights I could hear someone snoring in a nearby room.

There was a restaurant either associated with the hotel or part of the hotel in a cavelike basement that also had a somewhat vampirish atmosphere. I really liked it, and didn't think the photos of the restaurant I had seen online did it justice. I sampled the buffet there and enjoyed it, and also enjoyed the Czech wine.

The location was very good. It was possible to just start walking and in every direction the streets were beautiful.