Stylotel "a machine for living in"      ***Cool, Futuristic***

The room I received was not quite like the photos on the web, but the podlike design and colour scheme had a futuristic feel, the room was clean, and they were environmentally conscious enough to mean what they said: if you were willing to reuse your towels, they were perfectly ok with leaving rooms unserviced. I found this place cool.

I had a lot of privacy in the room. I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and was not disturbed for the entire time I was there.

To me, this made up for the hot water in the shower not working. I tried my best to work it out, but I only managed to have cold showers while I was there. Why did I not complain? I think it was partly that I wanted privacy and didn't want the disruption, but I came to find the situation humorous. It is notoriously difficult to find inexpensive accommodation in London, and this place seemed pretty modern, cool and clean for the price. Taking a cold shower in April in London was certainly uncomfortable, but once I got through it, I would feel strangely invigorated. I decided to see it as part of the experience.

There was also the issue with the smell of the bathroom. I had read something online with someone complaining of a raw sewage type smell, but what I perceived was something that I think was related to the design of the podlike bathroom. There wasn't adequate ventilation, and the smell that resulted was something like what you get if you keep the lid of a washing machine closed when not in use.

I quite liked the full English breakfast buffet (complimentary), although I only sampled something resembling the full part a couple of times - the rest of the time the lighter options were quite good as well.

The hotel was in Paddington, and near the tube station. I found it a very good location. In addition, it is very easy to get to/from the airport by tube or express from/to Paddington station.