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The Prince       ***Sophisticated, Stylish***

The Prince hotel exceeded my expectations. I found the foyer impressive - there is a lot more space than I could imagine when viewing photos online and the spaces were more sculpted (?) than I had pictured. The room itself was stylish and very clean.

The hotel bakery, Il Fornaio, had excellent pastries and coffee.

I did not take any photos in Melbourne, so the thumbnails here and the photos in the Melbourne section have been contributed by GK. I wonder if not taking photos is perhaps even a way of saying that I am experiencing, and am not so much on the outside when I am in Melbourne.

Unfortunately Mink, the vodka bar, was closed while I was staying at The Prince - I had very much wanted to revisit it.

One issue is that when you leave your room there is a persistent smell of chlorine, from the swimming pool and spa on the grounds.

Also: towels were replaced even when I thought I had followed the instructions for reuse.

I was too busy to go online here, but I think they had net access.

Trams are convenient and run frequently, but it is necessary to either buy tickets beforehand, or have the correct change, or at least lots of coins.

The Prince is sophisticated and cool, but the staff do not make you feel like it is necessary to be so yourself.