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Art Hotel Luise       ***Incomparable, Inspiring***

A hotel where the rooms themselves are works of art.

However, you do not have to be an artist yourself in order to stay here. There was a massive moose head in the lobby. The atmosphere was not pretentious. The staff seemed open-minded, perhaps even sensitive to the eccentric or shy.

In spite of that, I was somewhat intimidated and anxious, perhaps because I was impressed by the hotel and by the objectives of those involved with its creation.

I was pleased with my room (Mammel's Dream), and also liked the bathroom. I was afraid I would feel cold trying to sleep in the big bed, but it turned out to be very warm and cosy. I thought about the bed as a metaphor, and wondered what it would be like to fill such a bed.

Theoretically, the location of the hotel was quite good. Mitte is, as the name suggests, in the middle of everything. However, I did not go outside while there, so I couldn't take advantage of the location.

The room was clean and spacious. I did not ask about internet access.

I sat, and fasted, and thought, and wrote, and talked to my Imaginary Friend. I was for a time very ill. It was peaceful there and I was not disturbed, except for the occasional construction noises. I think they were working on a room nearby.

There was no minibar or room service - that was part of the statement they were trying to make. I did not mind going without food for the time I was there. I had this sense of trying to psychically absorb or somehow connect with the vibrations of those who had contributed to the hotel in various ways, and with those who had stayed in it.

To sum up: my personal dysfunction prevented me from taking full advantage of what was offered, but I got something essential out of the experience.