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Honey Apartments       ***My Personal Favourite***

After my more extensive travelling earlier in the year, it took me some time to arrange to go back to Melbourne, with the idea of staying indefinitely.

The Honey Apartments are located in Melbourne's CBD. There are two apartments; I stayed in apartment #2. Of all the places I have stayed, this place was by far the most comfortable for me. There has been some wear and tear since I first visited over two years ago, and most of the original artworks have been removed and sometimes, not always, replaced, but in the overall sense this apartment is still a great place to stay.

Full kitchen and laundry facilities (in the apartment itself), DVD, a selection of books, CDs, videos, and many convenient odds and ends. I think there is dial-in internet access. Both Honey Apartments have two bedrooms. I had complete privacy for the entire 6 weeks of my stay. The apartment was not serviced during this time, but that was fine for me. A vacuum cleaner and other maintenance-related items were supplied.

I wish that I had photos of the area. I think that such photos would be one of the most important considerations. I am not sure how to explain, but I find Melbourne's labyrinthine interior to somehow resonate on a personal level to the extent that no other city has ever felt as 'right' to me.

This is also one of least expensive places to stay of those I had chosen, especially if staying for an extended period. The apartments are imaginatively decorated, and possess an uplifting atmosphere. The building itself is art deco, and the elevators are kind of cool.