Possum TV House/Dunricin

I have lived in the Possum TV house (Brisbane) longer than I have lived in any house or apartment in my life: about 8 years in total. For a house in the suburbs, there is an extraordinary amount of vegetation and wildlife, as can be seen on the Possum TV site.

In the kitchen is the Possum Wall of Fame, but there are other framed photos of possums in other rooms and areas of the house. The house has 4 levels, an open-plan, high-ceiling living room/dining area/kitchen, 3 bedrooms, an office, two room combined bathroom, a laundry, and a large workroom. There are at present two possum hotels (nestboxes) in frequent use on the property, with plans for more eventually.

Through the years, GK and I have sanded and polished the floors, painted the inside and outside of the house, and collaborated on renovations to the kitchen, bathrooms, his office and the wraparound deck. It has mostly been freshened up, with much room for expression of personality still. It occurred to me as I organized my trip info and photos that this house is in itself a natural addition to the Hotel Chaotica theme.

I planned my journey from here, and I returned here afterward to recharge and process my experiences. This place will always be dear to me.

I will resume my journey as soon as I'm able.

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