halloween 2014

Halloween, although potentially more fun than some other holidays, still hasn't totally caught on in Australia. Some people don't like the commercial aspects, many don't like the American influence..

Anyway.. not so many trick or treaters showed up, but GK greeted the ones who did (we'd just about given up, and were about to take off our masks, etc., and had to rush a bit, and forgot to cue the spooky music we had been playing earlier), and I just stuck my head out and waved from his office. I also said hello. I wasn't able to think well enough in the moment to ask if many houses were participating/in the Halloween spirit.

GK carved a cool and evil-looking pumpkin.

I wore my Pussy Riot balaclava from earlier this year. I had wanted to make a colourful spray-painted graffiti dress to wear with it, but that's yet another project left in the 'maybe some day' pile.

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