for a photo of me and gk in february 2001, click here.
for photos of me and gk in july 2006, click here.

i found the grey knight's extreme isolation incredibly sad, almost shocking, and deeply intriguing as well.

gk is (usually) painfully shy.. he's not at all comfortable in social settings. he is extremely sensitive to/easily hurt or thrown off-balance by all sorts of things that people do or say without thinking. however, he is also open-minded and adventurous, and i think the photos of him on this page represent that. we aren't associated with any religion. we don't consider ourselves pagans or satanists. the above photo depicts part of the ceremony we came up with to make the occasion of losing his virginity (at age 34) somewhat unique. memorable. in the name of creativity, gk became a virgin sacrifice to the goddess xesce.

i respect and admire gk a great deal.
he is highly intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate, and has a wickedly sarcastic sense of humour. he's a good listener, is empathetic as well as insightful, he explains things clearly and patiently, he's extremely thoughtful, and it is possible to discuss any topic with him in a rational way. he's an excellent cook, and has a highly entertaining and expressive style of dancing that makes me smile....not to mention his devastatingly sexy aussie lack of accent (heh), his wild hair and sad eyes..

despite his obvious (to me, anyway) attributes, gk's favourite words to describe himself seem to be "foul", "vile" and "disgusting". i will admit that he is somewhat kinky, and that i find his self-deprecating humour endearing to some extent, but i don't agree with his self-assessments.

i flew across the world (from canada to australia) to come and live with gk. the visa process was a nightmare, and that we managed to go through with it was no small feat. we've travelled a lot together. daily monotony has always been difficult for me, but i think we have been able to provide at least some comfort and support for each other.

from the beginning, we realized that we wanted different things out of life and love, but we decided that we wanted to spend some time together anyway. i don't regret any of it, but i don't think i can stay indefinitely. even if he and i don't stay together, i will always love gk. i won't forget his thoughtfulness, his kindness and generosity, i won't forget all the ways he has touched me, i won't forget what we have shared.

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update: 19/02/05

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