family first

I am extremely offended by the Family First party of Australia. They use the word family in their title - but this party does not support gay adoption, IVF for gay couples, and does not recognize gay civil unions.

The offensive thing is the idea that this political party would try to force their outdated interpretation of the word family on the rest of us. It's not a harmless action, it's aggressive and prejudicial and offensive to the concept of human rights.

For any group to spread the idea that the relationships of GLBT individuals somehow don't count or aren't as valid as heterosexual relationships is to spread a message of hate or lack of acceptance, and to rape, deform and defile the minds of next generations.

There are many issues that are complicated for me, in which I don't feel I have enough knowledge to be completely sure of where I stand. When it comes to GLBT rights, although I don't by a long shot think I am knowledgeable, I don't feel unsure of my stance.

I strongly believe that all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity should have the right to legally marry, to be entitled to the same legal rights, benefits and respect as heterosexual couples. Individuals should not be discriminated against in the workplace, in schools, or any other place, due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.