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Randi's web site

[the sacred site of the grey knight ranting]

There is no pornography, paedophillia, pipe-bomb patterns, pirate programs or Suicide Methods Information on this site.

This miserable hell-hole belongs to an individual who hides behind the unoriginal pseudonym "Grey Knight".

When I first put up this site I had nothing better to do with my worthless life than to post about silly things on the newsgroup a.s.h. [and if you are going to visit this group yourself, please do everyone a favour and read the FAQ first]. Things have changed for the better since that time, but I have kept the site substantially unaltered [if you disregard the heavy censorship I have been obliged to perform].

I have nothing to do with any other grey/gray knight, nor indeed with any other medieval character of this (or any other) hue. Nor am I in any way associated with any computer game, comic book, or any character therein. I have nothing to do with things like this

[UPDATE As of March 2005 this site has been censored to remove all material in violation of the proposed new sections 474.29A and 474.29B of the Criminal Code Act.]
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